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Saskatchewan Multicultural Week

November 17-25, 2018

Building Welcoming Communities

Why Celebrate Saskatchewan Multicultural Week?

In 1974, Saskatchewan was the first province to enact multiculturalism legislation, recognizing the right of every community to retain its identity, language and traditional arts and sciences for the mutual benefit of citizens. In 1997, the Act was revised and a section of the Act states the policy should preserve, strengthen and promote Aboriginal cultures and acknowledge their historic and current contribution to development of Saskatchewan. More information is available on The Saskatchewan Multiculturalism Act. Responsibility for the Act resides with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.

The Act states broadly the provincial multiculturalism policy and provides the Minister power to carry out the purposes of the Act. The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) was founded on November 22, 1975 and has been instrumental in the development and promotion of these multicultural values, including the Saskatchewan motto From Many Peoples Strength. Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is celebrated each November the week that includes November 22nd.

Saskatchewan Multicultural Week Campaign

Who is your #MulticulturalSuperhero and why? From November 1-30 tell us on social media and challenge others to do the same. Get creative; the sky is the limit!

Multicultural Superheroes Promote Multicultural Values

Multicultural Superheroes can include any person or group of people, real or fictitious, who inspires you with their super powers for respect and inclusion. A Multicultural Superhero is someone who creates welcoming and inclusive communities by:

  • Protecting and celebrating all cultures
  • Proudly embracing and sharing traditions
  • Battling “Villains” such as racism, discrimination, disrespectful ideologies, oppressive social systems and institutions, etc.
  • Leaping tall barriers to build bridges for intercultural connections
  • Activating a power magnet to draw diverse people together for creative innovation
  • Demonstrating super vision and strength to achieve equality and equity for all

Examples of Multicultural Superheroes could be leaders of all types: Organizations, Movements, Individuals (Family Members; Friends; Politicians; Activists; Famous People; Comic book, TV, Movie and Book Characters; Authors; Artists; Athletes; etc.): Amnesty International, Idle No More, Your Mom, Your boss, a Teacher, Louis Riel, Nelson Mandela, Rosemary Brown, Maria Linklater, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Peggy McIntosh, Harriet Tubman, Elijah Harper, Rosalie Abella, Kamala Khan, Black Panther, Maya Angelou, Jackie Robinson, Zarqa Nawaz, Arundhati Roy, David Suzuki, etc.

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Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is a great time to take the Welcome Home pledge. Commit to being a multicultural superhero for yourself and your community. Share photos and video of your pledge using #welcomehome150 on social media.

Each of us can play a role in continuing cultural traditions, celebrating diversity, recognizing and rejecting racism, building intercultural connections and supporting integration. Contact MCoS for ideas and support.

Take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge

#WelcomeHome150 – Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC)

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) Toolkit


Download ‘Building Welcoming Communities’ from current and previous years:

Every year we also provide a resource called ‘Building Welcoming Communities’ that provides ideas, related to the campaign theme, on how to make your community more welcoming and inclusive. You can access previous versions until we reveal this year’s resource.

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2017 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2016 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2015 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2014 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2013 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2012 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2011 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2010 (pdf)

Building Welcoming Communities for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2009 (pdf)

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