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Date(s) - 26/04/2018
All Day

Deshaye Catholic School


Deshaye Mosaic – A Mosaic of Cultures

Tentative Schedule (still arranging First Nation Pavilion)

9:00   (Over Intercom) O Canada First Nation


10:00 China India Japan drum Philippines
10:30 China India
11:00 China India Japan drum Philippines
11:30 China India
12:45 Japan Origami Philippines
1:45 Japan Origami Philippines
2:35 Liturgy In gym Entire School

Deshaye Multicultural Day

Country                                 China

Activity                                  Chinese Writing and using chopsticks

Host                                       Francine Tillman

Time Available                     Morning  (30 minute slots) 10:00,10:30,11:00, 11:30

Target Group                       Grades 5-8

Location                                Classroom

Supplies                                Will bring her own decorations


Country                                 India

Activity                                  Dance Performance

Host                                       Shonu Ann Joseph

Time Available                     Morning  (30 minute slots)   10:00,10:30, 11:00, 11:30

Target Group                       All ages

Location                                Classroom


Country                                 Japan

Activity                                  Origami and Drumming

Host                                       Sayaka Lopez and Sayaka Pistilli

Time Available                    Drumming in morning    Origami in afternoon

Target Group                       Drumming –All                    Origami- Grade 3-8

Location                                Drumming-Prefer gym      Origami-classroom


Country                                 Philippines

Activity                                  Story Telling and Ukulele Playing

Host                                       Estela Balbuena

Time Available                     All day

Target Group                       K-8

Location                                Classroom with data projector

Supplies                                data projector










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