Multicultural Values and Streams of Work

Multicultural Values

Our values are rooted in the provincial motto From Many Peoples Strength and the treaty relationships that define our province and expressed as:

Respect for diversity:welcoming, inclusive, community, canada, canada 150, immigrants, newcomers, multiculltural, diversity, racism, anti-racism, intercultural connections, integration, mcos, multicultural council of saskatchewan

We recognize the multicultural diversity of the people of Saskatchewan. We believe in the strength of supporting cultural continuity and pride in one’s cultural ancestries. We celebrate the sharing between cultures because culture is a two way street.

Recognition and rejection of racism:

We recognize the negative impact of racism and discrimination. We promote the importance of all people in overcoming these issues to achieve equitable outcomes for all Saskatchewan residents.

Intercultural connections:

We actively support and encourage efforts to bring communities together in ways that will build relationships based on understanding and respect to foster capacity for problem solving and planning.


We support welcoming and inclusive communities that create a sense of home and belonging. We recognize the creativity and innovation that arise from bringing different cultural perspectives together and cultivating the unique contributions of all.

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Multicultural Streams of Work

The multicultural streams flow from the multicultural values. These streams represent the main areas of work in multiculturalism and are the focus of MCoS programs and support.

Cultural Continuitywelcoming, inclusive, community, canada, canada 150, immigrants, newcomers, multiculltural, diversity, racism, anti-racism, intercultural connections, integration, mcos, multicultural council of saskatchewan

Empowers ethnocultural organizations, individuals and communities to retain, maintain and evolve distinctive cultural practices and traditions in the Canadian context. Supported through investments in Strategic Initiatives and showcased at events such as Multicultural Celebration at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Celebration of Diversity

Includes education and festivals that showcase differences and similarities, most often through performance, cuisine and other arts. It includes an awareness that groups that include many perspectives, especially from different cultural world views, lead to greater creativity and innovation. Sponsorship of major events such as Mosaic, Folkfest, Motif, as well as some Strategic Initiative and many Multicultural Education Initiative investments.


This work looks at issues of power and privilege and how they impact individual and systemic discrimination; it usually includes active dialogue to build equity and justice in our institutions and communities. MCoS coordinates an annual March 21st campaign, facilitates Arrêt/Stop Racism Youth Leadership Workshops and invests in member and school activities that recognize and reject racism and discrimination.

Intercultural Connections

Entails different cultural groups coming together over time to build bridges i.e. exchanges, pen pals, cooperative work, creating safe spaces, dialogue, creative projects, etc. Investments through Intercultural Connections are good examples, as is the BRIDGES project in partnership with Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan (AFCS) and Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Agencies (SAISIA).


Is focused on facilitating the process immigrants and refugees experience beyond settlement to become part of their new Canadian communities. It includes seeing themselves and being seen as contributors and feeling welcome to be themselves in many contexts. INVOLVE is a current partnership with SAISIA and SaskCulture to nurture newcomers as volunteer leaders.

>> Download Multicultural Streams of Work (pdf)

>> Download Multicultural Streams of Work (jpg)

>> Download Multicultural Values and Streams of Work (pdf)

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