Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? MCoS has 2014 Multifaith Calendars for Sale!

multifaith calendar

2014 Multifaith Calendar

The 2014 Multifaith Calendar is dedicated to Transcendence. Within all faiths, a truth belongs to no one and to everyone. It is the soul of goodness, the heart of kindness, the wisdom of the ancients.  It is in our hearts, minds and souls, no matter where we live or what faith we practice.  We honour this diversity and we celebrate it in each other.

The Multifaith Calendar provides valuable information about 14 different faith groups:  Aboriginal Spirituality, Bahá’i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Scientology, Shinto, Sikhism, Unitarianism, Wicca and Zoroastrianism.  The major holidays are noted and explained.

This full colour Multifaith Calendar will be a valued addition to any office, school or home and makes a perfect gift! Order your copy early as the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan supply is often sold out before the end of December.


Order online here:  2014 Multifaith Calendar online order or you can fill out the word version here: 2014 MULTIFAITH CALENDAR ORDER FORM (pdf)

Place your order today!


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