Meet MCoS 2020 Board Candidates

Meet MCoS 2020 Board Candidates

This year, MCoS is seeking nominations for (1) President, (1) Vice-president, (1) Secretary (1 year) and (3) Directors-at-large positions are up for election.  All positions are two (2) year terms except Secretary. As at May 29, 2020, which is the deadline to submit your nomination, we have the following candidates:

  • One (1) nomination for President: Meka Okochi (incumbent)
  • One (1) nomination for Vice President: Cosanna Preston-Idedia (incumbent)
  • One (1) nomination for Secretary: Ayesha Baig
  • Three (3) nominations for Members-at-large: Muna De Ciman ( incumbent) , Margot Hurlbert and Hyunjung Shin.

We have compiled the candidates’ information and videos into one document for you to review in consideration for  the AGM on June 20th.  MCoS will not accept nominations from the floor, therefore,  nominations are declared closed.

View: 2020 MCoS Board Candidates (pdf)

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