Call for Nominations for Outstanding Contributions to Multiculturalism

Call for Nominations for Outstanding Contributions to Multiculturalism

MCoS Multicultural Honours: A Celebration in Honour of Multicultural Contributions is an annual event hosted by Her Honour the Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield through the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan during Saskatchewan Multicultural Week at Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Each year, we put out a call for nominations that recognize outstanding contributions to multiculturalism in Saskatchewan. The awards presented are the Betty Szuchewycz Award and the Multicultural Youth Leadership Award.

MCoS Multicultural Honours Award Nominations

The Awards

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Janelle Pewapsconias is the 2015 Multicultural Youth Leadership Award Recipient and Jebunnessa Chapola is the Betty Szuchewycz Award 2015 recipient.

Betty Szuchewycz Award for outstanding contributions to multiculturalism in Saskatchewan. Priority will be given to nominees who have demonstrated sustained periods of commitment in their contributions.

Multicultural Youth Leadership Award for significant contributions from people 29 years and under. (The Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union (SGEU) is partnering with MCoS to present this award, which now includes a $500 prize.)

Eligibility: Living Saskatchewan residents are eligible for nomination with the following exceptions:

  • Anyone who is currently serving as an MCoS Board member, committee member or staff or has served in the past 2 years is not eligible
  • Immediate family members of such board members or staff are not eligible
  • People holding or seeking political office are not eligible
  • Members of the judiciary who still hold office are not eligible
  • Any past recipients of any MCoS award cannot be nominated for the same award.

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