Daughters of Africa – Traditional African Wedding Ceremonies: From Africa to Canada

Daughters of Africa – Traditional African Wedding Ceremonies: From Africa to Canada

The program started with a two hour talk show on African wedding traditions. There were two moderators and eight guest speakers who are from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Saskatchewan. The talk show was successful in engaging the audience’s interest so much so that the audience spent another 30 to 40 minutes after the speakers were done asking them various questions about wedding traditions in Africa that they might not have felt comfortable asking in other settings.

Multicultural, AfricaThe dramatization of a Nigerian wedding and the rituals that take place before the actual wedding ceremony was a good way to reinforce and bring to life some of the traditions discussed in the talk show. The talk show and the wedding served to highlight both the diversity in traditional African weddings as well as the common values shared across Africa that are expressed in wedding ceremonies.

“The program gave both Canadian youth and African-Canadian youth more information on the diversity of wedding traditions in Africa as well as showing the evolution of wedding traditions on the continent,” explained Chidi Igwe, one of the event organizers. “This event reinforced the importance of preserving  African Culture even after Immigrants have long left their home countries. It was a great way of educating others about the beautiful traditions and diversity and similarities of the African culture.”

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