MCoS Member Feature #1: Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC)

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Association of United Ukrainian Canadians

A Closer look

1.       What are your mission and vision?

Mission: To encourage its members, participants, supporters and affiliates to make the most useful contribution to Canadian life to carry on cultural, social, educational and recreational activities.

Vision: The Association values respect, learning, cooperation, dignity, equality, justice, diversity, democracy, social justice, peace and international solidarity. It opposes any form of discrimination and that which violates a person’s right to be treated with dignity and respect.

National Ukrainian Festival

Dignitaries attending the National Ukrainian Festival at the Saskatchewan (Conexus) Centre of the Arts, April 3, 2005. (L-R) Mr. Zeny Nykolyshyn, National President of the AUUC, Mr. Gerry Shmyr, Festival Executive Coordinator, The Honorable Dr. L.M. Haverstock, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Jodi Hall of the Poltava Ensemble, Mrs. Kwong, The Honourable Mr. Norman Kwong, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, His Excellency Dr. Mykola Maimeskul, Ambassador of Ukraine.

2.       What are the programs and services offered by your organization?

  • Sponsor the Poltava School of Ukrainian Performing Arts which has classes in 6 levels of Ukrainian dance and mandolin lessons.
  •  Sponsor the Poltava Ensemble of Song, Music and Dance, which is made up of 25 dancers, 24 musicians and vocal soloists.
  • Facilitate displays depicting the Ukrainian culture and heritage.
  • Publish a national monthly newspaper “The Ukrainian Canadian Herald” (To subscribe: call the AUUC at 306-522-1188)
  • Offer scholarships to participating dancers and musicians for advance studies in Canada and Ukraine.
  • National Office publishes books re the Association’s history, as well as that of Ukrainian- Canadian contribution to Canada.

3.       Whom do you serve/target with your programs and services?  

The Association serves children, youth, adults and senior citizens ranging in ages from 3 to 80.

 4.       What are you working on right now (project, fundraiser, special event, etc)?

The AUUC is preparing for the Ukrainian New Year’s “Malanka” on Saturday January 18, 2014, at the Regina Performing Arts Centre, as well as the Annual Concert-Recital at the Regina Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, February 8, 2014. Tickets for both events are available now at the Regina Performing Arts Centre box office, located at 1077 Angus Street in Regina (PH: (306) 779-2277).

We are also preparing a literary display for the 200th Anniversary of the birth of the Bard of Ukraine, T.H. Shevchenko, which will be viewed at Regina’s Annual Mosaic Festival.

5.       Do you have a call for volunteers?… fundraising?… employees?… resources?…Submissions?… etc?

Yes, we annually seek volunteers for our events and fundraising activities. If you would like to volunteer, contact the AUUC at (306) 522-1188 or email You can also visit to learn more about the AUUC.

6.       What is one thing people may not know about your organization?

It is open to all who support its aims and objectives, as well as its activities.


The AUUC requested a monument dedicated to the Ukrainian writer and poet, Lesya Ukrainka, from the Ukrainian goverrnmant to be established in Canada. It was unveiled at the University of Saskatchewan in 1976.

7.       Please share a story that illustrates your organization’s impact in the community. 

In 1975 we organized the first Ukrainian Dance Seminar at the Saskatchewan School of the Arts for instructors and dancers from across Canada with leading Artistic Directors from Ukraine. This seminar existed for some 20 years with hundreds of participants subsequently enhancing their performing groups and schools across Canada.

In 1976 we facilitated the erection of the monument to the great Ukrainian poetess, Lesya Ukrainka, on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan.

In 2005 the AUUC organized and sponsored a National Ukrainian Festival at the Saskatchewan (Conexus) Centre of the Arts, featuring 300 performers from across Canada before a sold out audience. The occasion was the 100th Anniversaries of Saskatchewan and Alberta. This event was attended by the Lieutenant Governors of each province and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada. It was also filmed by Global TV for distribution.

8.       What types of challenges does your organization face?

  • Acquiring the necessary financial assets to carry on its activities – the AUUC accepts donations and you can visit or call (306) 522-1188 to donate.
  • Seeking executive volunteers to stand as chairs of various committees – if you would like to get involved as a chair of one of the AUUC committees please call (306) 522-1188 or email


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