Member Feature #2: Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc (SACHM)

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Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc (SACHM)

A Closer Look

What are your mission and vision?

SACHM’S Mission:  To research, collect and preserve, and undertake public education on the contributions and achievements of people of African descent in Saskatchewan.

SACHM’S Vision:  Equal partners with Saskatchewan residents  in the heritage and development of Saskatchewan.

What are the programs and services offered by your organization?

  1. Establishment of a Virtual Museum – The virtual museum is a collection of the heritage, contributions and journeys of people of African ancestry who have lived and now live in Saskatchewan to celebrate Canadians of African Ancestry as well as Successes of Multiculturalism in Saskatchewan.
  2. There is a Public Art Piece located in Wascana Park called “The Honouring Tree Education and Outreach –  SACHM provides speakers for schools and other institutions, collaborates with educational ministries and other organizations on projects that enhance awareness of African-Canadian history and improved understanding of equity, equality and human dignity;  organizes or collaborates with others in organizing public and paid performances that  celebrate the multi-cultural nature of African and other cultures music, food, language, crafts and customs; and works with individuals and other groups and organizations that undertake heritage  projects.

Whom do you serve/target with your programs and services?

Participation and membership is open to the general public.

Black History Month, SACHM

Former Roughriders at January event in Regina beginning 2010 Centennial celebrations. Stevie Baggs & George Reed signing autographs.

What are you working on right now?

a)       A workshop for new immigrants to educate them about SACHM and to collect their history.

b)       Updating website

c)       Pursuing the final draft of a children’s book based on the first documented person of African ancestry in Saskatchewan – Dr. Alfred Schmitz Shadd.

d)       Annual Walkathon in June

e)       Celebrating our 10 year anniversary as an organization.

Do you have a call for volunteers, fundraising, employees, resources, or submissions?

SACHM is always recruiting volunteers for various events and projects. Interested persons can apply on our web site here:

We are also pursuing grants for our projects and always welcome donations. You can donate here:

Black History Month, SACHM

The “Honouring Tree” in Wascana Park south of the Museum is a legacy of SACHM.

What is one thing people may not know about your organization?

People may not be aware the “Honouring Tree” in Wascana Park south of the Museum is a legacy of SACHM. The Honouring Tree is a public art and diversity legacy community project initiated by SACHM Board and membership, as part of the 2010 Centennial celebrations to commemorate the 1910 settlement of people of African ancestry in Regina (and Saskatchewan as a whole).

This project has become a reality through the close collaboration of Regina Multicultural Council (RMC) with whom we able to access federal government funding under the Canadian Heritage: Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program. The project also received support through partnerships with the City of Regina, Wascana Centre Authority, University of Regina-Sculpture Department, SACHM member donations and the Regina community at-large.

The Honouring Tree was unveiled September 30, 2010 as part of Centennial celebrations of 100 years of people of African ancestry who emigrated from Oklahoma in 1910.  It is considered a symbol of life, legacy and diversity of our past, heritage and contributions. The art piece can be seen glistening in the sun.

Please share a story that illustrates your organization’s impact in the community. 

Documentation of People of African ancestry who have been in Saskatchewan since 1896 (Dr. Shadd) was highlighted when SACHM decided in 2010 to have centennial celebrations of the 100 years from 2010 when the majority of people of African Ancestry from Oklahoma arrived in Saskatchewan.  SACHM was involved in 2010-11 Centennial celebrations throughout the province including Battleford, Fiske, Melfort, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Regina, and Shiloh Church near Maidstone.

What types of challenges does your organization face?

The main challenge is volunteer time to complete tasks and activities.

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