Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission create strategic alliance


Recently, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) Chief Commissioner David Arnot met with MCoS Executive Director, Rhonda Rosenberg, to create a strategic alliance based leveraging the strengths and resources of each organization towards progress on common goals and interests.

“The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is pleased to partner with the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan,” said Chief Commissioner David Arnot. “We share many common interests including a vision for an inclusive and harmonious Saskatchewan.”

The SHRC and MCoS identified a number of objectives for collaboration, including reducing discrimination and focusing on showcasing leadership action among young people.  For their first project, MCoS and SHRC are partnering to present the Multicultural Youth Leadership Award. This is a new award that was inspired by the nomination of a young woman for the Betty Szuchewycz Award for outstanding contributions to multiculturalism in Saskatchewan.  Both awards will be presented at the MCoS Multicultural Honours at Government House during Saskatchewan Multicultural Week.

“The SHRC wants to encourage youth in our province to become engaged citizens. Citizenship is not a passive activity. Citizens who advocate for the rights of others and challenge discrimination demonstrate their responsibility to democracy,” said Arnot. “We also have real opportunities in our province to learn from each other. The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan is actively working to promote the benefits of pluralism.”

“MCoS is delighted to have the  Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission join us in the creation of this exciting new way to highlight the incredible difference young people are making to celebrate diversity and eliminate discrimination,” said MCoS Executive Director, Rhonda Rosenberg. “We honour youth leaders as the builders of the welcoming communities that are the foundation of a harmonious and prosperous future.”


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