Presenter guide for WIC Toolkit now available

Presenter guide for WIC Toolkit now available

How to use the Welcoming & Inclusive Communities Toolkit

This is the place to start before you explore all the resources in the toolkit. Learn about the purpose and intended use of the resources in the toolkit and how you might want to approach it.


Why should we use this toolkit?

Our communities are increasingly diverse. It is our strength. It requires planning to engage and benefit all members.

This toolkit gives you a user-friendly model with colour coded sections, photos, testimonials, success stories, etc. It includes an array of helpful tools and resources. It is original! It is designed to fit Saskatchewan’s unique needs with appropriate tools. You may even recognize some of the featured success stories.

What does it require?SUMA, toolkit, Intercultural Facilitator Training, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, cultural diversity, intercultural, education, anti-racism, racism, multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, culture, ethnicity, awareness, acceptance

It is a commitment of time and effort – from the organization and key individuals.

It is best to follow the steps in order. You can choose the most appropriate tools for your organizations in each section. Remember that the process is cyclical and designed for continuous learning and improvement. A team approach is best. Try to involve your staff and your managers in the process.

For non-profits, encourage your board to use it as board development that will enhance strategic planning for your organization.

Before you start:

  • Name the goal/purpose for your process of going through this toolkit.
  • Name two to three objectives for organizational change.

Looking for support?

We can provide:

  • A Toolkit Information Session (a brief introduction and background of the toolkit) – Duration required: one hour
  • A Toolkit Orientation (a brief introduction of the toolkit, it’s background and a chance to go through some of the components of the toolkit, led by an MCoS representative) – Duration required: 2.5 hours
  • A more intensive consultation and/or training on a fee for service basis – Duration required: as needed by the organization.


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