Saskatchewan Multicultural Week

Saskatchewan Multicultural Week

40th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Multiculturalism Act

November 15 – 23, 2014


Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 

For information about The Saskatchewan Multiculturalism Act, Proclamations and Event Listings visit:
Saskatchewan Multicultural Week 2014 

Ways to Welcome

This year we present ‘Ways to Welcome’ in the context of the past, present and future of multiculturalism in Saskatchewan here:
Ways to Welcome

Launch of WeAreSK PSAs

We are excited to announce that on November 15th at a provincial multicultural forum, we will officially launch the WeAreSK – Stories of Integration PSAs. This project has been a year in the making! You can learn about this project and our partners here:

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Add your Saskatchewan Multicultural Week Events to the calendar here:

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Multicultural Forum

Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. FREE.

Location: The Glass Tipi, First Nations University, Regina, SK (map)

This event will showcase the launch of the WeAreSK PSAs (

Social Media Hashtag: #WeAreSK

Information here:

> Partnership with Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport


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