Take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge

Take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge


As we recognize Canada 150, Saskatchewan is more diverse than ever. It’s exciting to see such vibrancy in our communities as we experience diversity in its best form and benefit from the economic and social innovation it brings. However, we cannot ignore the challenges posed by our colonial history and recent arrival of many newcomers. Racism, discrimination, stereotyping, and bias not only hurt an individual, but affect the whole community.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Community is one which is free from discrimination and where residents feel able to participate in all aspects of the social, economic, cultural, and civic/political life on the municipality.

This is the perfect time to commit to the TRC Calls to Action and take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge to create welcoming and inclusive communities as we move forward together.

It starts with a personal commitment. It starts with you.

Celebrate Canada 150 by taking the pledge to make Saskatchewan more Welcoming and Inclusive for all.

Take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge

Here’s some Pledge-takers so far:

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Take the Welcome Home 150 Pledge

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