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Other Funding and Support


Apply for a CIF Grant

Grant Deadlines:
Community Grant Program Summer Grant: February 1
Community Grant Program: April 1 & October 1
Community Places and Spaces Program: October 1

You must apply for the Community Grant Program and the Community Places and Spaces Program online.

You are strongly encouraged to read the Program Guidelines before completing your application.

To apply online:

To submit your application online you will need to create an account. Then choose to apply to either the Community Grant Program or the Community Places and Spaces Program. If you are submitting more than one application you will need to complete and submit your first application before you can submit the second application. Further instructions are provided on the Sign Up page.

To begin or continue your online application, click HERE.

First Nations and Métis Community Engagement Projects

First Nations and Métis Sponsorships

Main Street Funding to Continue

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that it has established Main Street Saskatchewan as an on-going program. “Our historic downtowns and commercial districts are centres of pride in our province,” said Mark Docherty, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport. “Through its new, on-going program, Main Street Saskatchewan will work with communities to promote, conserve and capitalize on the things that make these areas unique.  By helping create jobs, businesses, and areas for cultural experience, this new program will improve our quality of life and contribute to the remarkable growth we’re experiencing across the province.” Those looking at the Main Street program may also be interested in applying for SaskCulture’s Municipal Cultural Engagement and Planning (MCEP) grant.

InterAction Events: Canada’s Multiculturalism Grants and Contributions Program

The Inter-Action Events stream provides funding to community based events that foster one or more of the following: 1) Intercultural/interfaith understanding, 2) Civic memory and pride, or 3) Respect for core democratic values. For details on how to apply see: Funding Guidelines – Inter-Action (Events) and General Application Form (GAF).   

Creative Industries Transition Fund

The Saskatchewan Arts Board is now accepting applications for the new Creative Industries Transition Fund. This short-term grant program is available to Saskatchewan artists, professional arts organizations, companies, producers, and creative industry sector organizations. For more information and to apply, please visit

Immigrant Access Fund

The Immigrant Access Fund provides micro loans to immigrants who need help to pay for the costs associated with obtaining the Canadian accreditation or training that will allow them to work in their profession or trade. Micro loans have been proven globally to be an effective tool to alleviate poverty among people unable to access mainstream credit due to lack of employment, credit history, and collateral. IAF is applying this body of knowledge to the licensing and training requirements of Canada’s skilled newcomers. Form more information, visit



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