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March 30, 2017

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social media policy, March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, MCoS, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Racsim, DiscriminationSocial Media Policy

This is an excerpt from our external social media policy that applies to all content shared to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. You can download the policy in its entirety below.

The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan engages in social media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We welcome feedback and ideas that are constructive and relevant to a topic. Disagreements and constructive arguments are acceptable as part of the discussion. However, abusive or insulting comments are not acceptable. We expect the content of shared material to be respectful of others.

We disclaim all liability for content posted to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, we will moderate content and reserve the right to remove or block a follower when that follower tweets or posts material that is not appropriate, including any of the following:

  1. Material that is contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedomssocial media policy, March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, MCoS, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Racsim, Discrimination
  2. Racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting or life-threatening messages
  3. Serious, unproven, unsupported, or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations
  4. Abusive, aggressive, coarse, vulgar, violent, obscene or pornographic comments;
  5. Messages that encourage or suggest illegal activity
  6. Messages that infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights
  7. Solicitations, advertisements or endorsements by or of any financial, commercial or non-governmental entity
  8. Attempts to defame the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan
  9. Comments not sent by the author and/or posted by anonymous or robot accounts
  10. Repetitive posts copied and pasted by multiple users
  11. Unintelligible or irrelevant messages
  12. Messages that are off-topic and any other message that the MCoS employees feel will not add to the flow of discussion
  13. Messages that infringe upon an individual’s privacy

Anyone acting contrary to the terms may be blocked from posting to our social media accounts. If you have questions about our policy on comments or how we apply it, please contact our social media team at

Download Policy

Download our external social media policy for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in its entirety.

MCoS External Social Media Policy – January 2017 (pdf)

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