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Strategic Initiative Success Stories

Below are some Strategic Initiatives we have featured as success stories. You can look to these examples when planning and submitting your Strategic Initiatives project.

Daughters of Africa – Traditional African Wedding Ceremonies: From Africa to Canada

The program started with a two hour talk show on African wedding traditions. There were two moderators and eight guest speakers who are from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Saskatchewan. The talk show was successful in engaging the audience’s interest so much so that the audience spent another 30 to 40 minutes after the speakers were done asking them various questions about wedding traditions in Africa that they might not have felt comfortable asking in other settings. More>>>

Southwest Multicultural Association – Multicultural Activities 2012-2013

The Southwest Multicultural Association (SWMA) is an entirely volunteer-run organization based in Swift Current.  They partner with the Southwest Newcomer Welcome Centre and other organizations to offer opportunities to Swift Current and the rural communities in the southwest for intercultural interaction, learning about cultural diversity and racism, and celebrations. More>>>

Nigerian-Igbo New  Yam Festival

The Igbo Cultural Association of Saskatchewan Inc. (ICAS) organized the Nigerian-Igbo New Yam Festival that was featured as the theme of the 2013 Igbo Cultural Day. This event was an opportunity to showcase an aspect of Igbo food culture and highlighted the yam, a staple food crop in Nigeria as in most other West African countries. More>>>

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