Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program features students from across Canada

REGINA – There was a lack of tassels, but it was graduation day on Friday, for 21 students of the RCMP’s Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program (APTP).

“I started out looking at advertisements for this particular program years ago. I never really thought I’d be here, so here I am choking up again,” said a slightly teary-eyed Reid Skelton-Morven, a native of Prince Rupert, B.C.

The program offers Aboriginal people between the ages of 19 and 29 a three-week inside look at the world of policing at the RCMP’s Depot Division.

And the rules are strict.

“Our rooms get torn apart if they’re not mirrored. And we have to have our boots polished. We have to have everything proper,” said graduate and Beardy’s First Nation resident Nathan Baldhead.

Created in 1996, the aim of the program is to attract more aboriginal people to the RCMP. Today, they represent about 13 per cent of the organization, according to assistant commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr. More>>>


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