Grey Cup victory, forgotten history

Grey Cup 101 is in the books. The green and white confetti has been trampled over, the line-ups at the Roughrider stores are no longer out the door, and fans are likely caught up on their sleep after a huge celebration in honour of Saskatchewan winning their 4th Grey Cup victory.

Reviewing the blogs, newspaper coverage and television commentary that came with this victory, I noticed a theme when Saskatchewan’s history is discussed. It is said Saskatchewan was built on the backs of the settlers and pioneers, who had determination, vision, and cooperation. It is said the Riders fans have deep roots in this province, and they bleed green as they don their fanciful green gear to faithfully watch their team win or lose.

I understand this narrative. I really do. I am a Nehiyaw (Cree) person who was adopted into a fourth-generation settler home as a baby. I grew up in “small town” Saskatchewan, on farms and in various towns with populations ranging from 300 to 30 000, watching football with my dad and my grandpa. I would never wear a watermelon on my head as some fans do, but I have a green sweater specifically for games and I bought my son a Rider flag when he was old enough to wave it. More>>>


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