Rogue comment shows Ottawa is out of touch

The recent call by the Confederacy of Nations to shut down the Canadian economy and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt’s reaction of calling the confederacy “rogue chiefs” did little to further the already strained relations between First Nations and the Harper government.

The confederacy of chiefs is a governing body within the Assembly of First Nations. It consists of the regional chiefs meeting in council.

The group was meeting to discuss the future of the government’s education bill in response to former AFN chief Shawn Atleo’s resignation. It was opposed not only to the education bill, but all other federal legislation that has been imposed on First Nations by the Harper government.

A prematurely released statement contained the overblown rhetoric that the First Nations would reject previous legislation and threatened, “Should Canada not withdraw and cease all imposed legislation on First Nations without our free, prior and informed consent, we will strategically and calculatedly begin the economic shutdown of Canada’s economy from coast to coast.” More>>>


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