Student exchange cancelled amidst ongoing Ukrainian conflict

Seven students, parents received notice Feb. 25
Civil unrest in Ukraine is jeopardizing the future  of a 20-year student exchange program between the Greater Saskatoon  Catholic School Board and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

Scheduled to travel to Ukraine for three weeks, seven students and parents were  notified last week that the bi-annual student exchange would be  cancelled for 2014 because of the growing tensions between Ukraine and  Russia.

Laurianne Gabruch is a teacher at Bethlehem High School and has been organizing this trip since 1996.

“The plug was pulled last Tuesday (Feb. 25) and the decision came from the  director of education Greg Chatlain, because of the instability and  volatility of the situation in Ukraine, it would be in the best interest of the students not to travel,” Gabruch said Tuesday. “You never know  how far it could end up going I guess.” More>>>


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