Witness to history: Regina man acts as observer in Ukraine election (with video)

REGINA — Seeing the charred bricks of the Maidan, the square in Kyiv where Ukrainians have been staked out for months in protest against corruption in their government, brought a Regina man to tears.

But on Sunday, as the conflict-ridden country democratically elected a new president, Orest Gawdyda saw a glimmer of hope for the nation from which his family emigrated to Canada.

Gawdyda flew to Ukraine last week to act as one of 3,000 election observers, joining people from countries as varied as Australia, France and the United States, to keep narrowed eyes on the polling stations.

“We’re here as observers, to record the process. We’re not there to get involved or step in — just take notes, and we take pictures and video of what we see,” Gawdyda said Tuesday from Kyiv. More>>>


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