Together We Make Saskatchewan Strong


Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is celebrated annually to acknowledge the benefits of multiculturalism as seen in the enrichment and contributions of many individuals, groups, and communities in Saskatchewan.

This year’s campaign allows the people of Saskatchewan to share successful examples of various communities and cultures that reside here and make – #SaskatchewanStrong – through their values, contributions, beliefs, and actions.

The theme

Saskatchewan Multicultural Week promotes the advantages of multiculturalism. This year’s theme- “Together We Make Saskatchewan Strong” expresses the contributions of many individuals and groups that enrich Saskatchewan communities. 

The series of events in the last 15 months has revealed a lot of inequalities, past injustices have come to the forefront of national discussion, some have questioned the rights of others to be here, calls for uncomfortable conversations have increased, and humanity has risen for one another. 


We encourage you to engage in conversations that focus on our diversity, collective strength and contributions, as well as our challenges because respectful relationships and addressing social justice issues are essential for everyone to be valued for all ouridentities.

This year, we are asking you to talk about one (you can even answer all 3!) of these questions in form of a video, post, etc.

  • What do you do to make SK strong?
  • What is the vision of a strong SK for you?
  • What do you think we need to do to achieve that vision?

Read more about the campaign theme here.

Building Welcoming Communities

Every year we provide a resource called ‘Building Welcoming Communities’ that provides ideas, related to Saskatchewan Multicultural Week and the annual campaign theme – “#TogetherWeMakeSaskatchewanStrong– on how to make your community more welcoming and inclusive. Download it here.

Building Welcoming Communities- Schools

Please see the Building Equitable and Inclusive Schools – Toolkit here. These are some activities to replicate in your school. Download it here.

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