Honouring Rural African Descent Voices

Black and Rural is a nationally-funded artistic inquiry into the hearts and minds of individuals of African descent tucked away in Canada’s countryside (small town, village, farm, and reserve black experiences). Project lead, Shayna Jones, aims to seek out, honour, and theatrically showcase stories from rurally based Blacks (like herself) to nuance and challenge the monolith of what matters to Black Lives.

Shayna is gathering stories specifically from individuals of African descent in rural Saskatchewan from Sept-Dec 2021. Individuals who live rurally at present, or who have in the past, are welcome to include their voice.

The responses will be included on the Black and Rural digital gallery space, crafted into a script, to be published by Heritage Saskatchewan, and presented as a performance piece by Saskatchewan African Canadian History Museum at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in the spring of 2022.

For more info, email in**@bl***********.com or visit the website.

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