“Entanglements: Questions about Multiculturalism and Colonialism” Interactive Zoom Discussion


“Entanglements: Questions about Multiculturalism and Colonialism” Interactive Zoom Discussion – June 5, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm on Zoom 

Join us for a conversation about how multiculturalism is tangled up with colonialism. Panelists will share what this entanglement means to them. Participants will discuss the ideas in small breakout groups, and have an opportunity to raise questions for further exploration.

This session is for MCoS Members and Partners only. Register HERE. The Zoom link will be sent after registration is received.   


  • Bula Ghosh
  • Kelsey Aitcheson
  • Dr. Manuela Valle-Castro

Bula Ghosh (she/her)

Bula Ghosh works as a Program Coordinator at Great Plains College in Swift Current. She immigrated to Canada from India in 1981 and has been involved provincially and regionally in settlement. She strongly advocates for newcomers to Canada, multiculturalism, women’s issues, literacy learners, and all vulnerable people in our society. As a result of her growing awareness of the issues confronting Indigenous peoples –historically and currently – Bula organized a one-day event entitled “Truth and Reconciliation: Let’s Walk the Talk.” She gathered Indigenous and non-Indigenous committee members, found funding and community support and served as the master of ceremonies for the day. She continues to organize this event annually.

Kelsey Aitcheson (she/they)

As an urban member of the Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation, Kelsey has spent her lifetime advocating for equality.  She is the local Regina facilitator for the Intercultural Connections and Anti-Racism Engagement (ICARE) program for the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS). In addition, she facilitates anti-racism youth leadership workshops. After the birth of her second child, Kelsey attended the First Nations University of Canada, double majoring in Psychology and Indigenous Studies. Kelsey shares her Two-Eyed Seeing perspective from a place of emotional connection, as well as experience and education.


Dr. Manuela Valle-Castro (She/her)
Dr. Valle-Castro is originally from Chile and has Mestiza (Spanish-Italian and Afro-Indigenous) background. She holds a Ph.D. in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from the same university. She coordinated the Anti-Racism Network, and under this capacity, she led coalition-building and advocacy work with various actors, including Indigenous and settler organizations and agencies. She is also a mother of two and a resident of the core neighbourhood.