African-Canadian Black History Month

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African-Canadian Black History Month

The Saskatchewan African-Canadian Heritage Museum (SACHM) has been one of the provincial leaders in promoting the importance of the historical and current contributions of people of African descent in the province. After years of reflecting and studying, this year they have chosen to change the title of the month to African-Canadian Black History Month. This is meant to align with the 1978 UNESCO Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice, which clarified that genetics do not support human racial classifications; however, race as a social, political and economic construct remains a reality that results in persisting racial discrimination, violation of human rights and social injustices. The new title is meant to be inclusive of all people of African descent. MCoS applauds the efforts of the many organizations and individuals who work on cultural continuity, who share their cultures at celebrations of diversity, who expose the cost of racism and how we can go beyond it, who reach out to build intercultural connections within and beyond the African-Canadian community, and who contribute to social cohesion in all communities in Saskatchewan in so many ways.


  • Jan 28th to Feb 20th- Black History Month Online Art Auction

  • Feb 6 & Feb 27- Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity

  • Jan 30 – The launch of ‘African Canadian Black History Month  2021 at MacKenzie Art Gallery

  • Feb 6 – La Communauté des Africains Francophones de la Saskatchewan Inc (CAFS) Opening via ZOOM. From 2p.m. to 5:40 p.m. Email di*******@ca*******.org to attend.

  • Feb 8 – Monday, 8 pm begin series of “Played & Stayed” on ACCESSNow TV

  • Feb 8-18 – Social media and email diffusion of stricking black figures. Email di*******@ca*******.org to attend.

  • Feb 13 – Anansi production – partners SK Can Caribbean Assoc (SCCA), New Dance Horizons & SACHM – On-line a 3 pm

  • Feb 19- A movie by Cinergie: Sorte de L’ombre. Email di*******@ca*******.org to attend.

  • Feb 26 – Theatre Sk doing play on-line about Viola Desmond called “Other People’s Heaven”.  The play writer is Beau Dixon who will also be available for a talk back at one of the shows. Contact SACHM for more info.

  • Feb 26- Quiz Francophone Africa. Email di*******@ca*******.org to attend.

  • Feb 27 – SACHM Wrap Up of Month with greetings from Lt Gov and showings of play by UCAS youth – Li’l Shadd, Anansi and “Other Peoples Heaven”

  • Feb 27- CAFS BHM closing ceremony via ZOOM from 2p.m.-6p.m.

To read more about African-Canadian Black History Month click here.

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