Multiculturalism Matters in this Election

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MCoS encourages you to advocate for multiculturalism. Specifically, you can raise the awareness of candidates in your riding that issues related to multiculturalism are important to you and that you make voting decisions at least in part by considering how platforms reflect multicultural values. MCoS has outlined four multicultural values that inform our work; the Saskatchewan Multiculturalism Act (1997) and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act (1985) support them. We present these values below along with questions you could consider asking during this election campaign.

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Our four multicultural values are rooted in the provincial motto From Many Peoples Strength and expressed as:

Respect for diversity

  • When issues arise between current Canadian practices and specific cultural practices, how will you and your party create policies and programs that establish how to approach and resolve these?

Recognition and rejection of racism

  • What significant changes will your government commit to making in all aspects of the justice, health, education, social services, and other systems through a lens that recognizes racism and ongoing colonial harms?

Intercultural connections

  • In the context of the TRC and MMIWG reports, what strategies and resources will your government bring to build respectful and equal relationships with Indigenous people in Saskatchewan for our culturally diverse and harmonious future?


  • If elected, what policies, programs and resources will your government dedicate to building and encouraging welcoming and inclusive communities, including the importance of diversity reflected in leadership?
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