Multiculturalism Matters in this Municipal Election

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MCoS encourages you to advocate for multiculturalism. Specifically, you can raise the awareness of candidates in your riding that issues related to multiculturalism are important to you and that you make voting decisions at least in part by considering how platforms reflect multicultural values.

MCoS has outlined four multicultural values that inform our work; the Saskatchewan Multiculturalism Act (1997) and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act (1985) support them. We present these values below along with questions to pose to candidates during this election campaign.

The four multicultural values are rooted in the provincial motto From Many Peoples Strength and the Treaty relationships that define our province. They are expressed as:

Respect for diversity

How will you support municipal institutions and local groups to highlight the benefits of diversity through opportunities for cultural continuity and celebrations of diversity?

Recognition and rejection of racism

In the context of heightened attention on racism, how will you commit to recognizing and replacing policies, processes, and programs that continue inequalities in order to serve communities negatively impacted by racism?

Intercultural connections

What strategies, programs and resources (recreational, library, and school facilities, funding, staff) will you support to build respectful and equal relationships between Indigenous, newcomer and established Canadian residents for our culturally diverse and harmonious future?


If elected, what policies, programs and resources will you advocate for building and encouraging welcoming and inclusive communities, including the importance of diversity reflected in leadership and in public spaces?

Many ethnocultural minorities, newcomers and Indigenous people require affordable housing. What will you do to deal with aging infrastructure and new builds to ensure that safe affordable housing and communities are available?


Response from Rebecca Otitoju, Councillor, White City Councilor.

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