Understanding the Scope of Racism

There are different kinds of racism.
It is important to understand that one cannot effectively deal with racism until one looks at all the underlying causes and takes steps to correct them.

Structural racism is the established hierarchy of groups based on perceived “race”. The hierarchy was created to designate superiority to one group in order to benefit from the oppression and exploitation of other groups.

Systemic/Institutional racism is prejudice and privilege embedded in the policies, practices, and programs of systems and institutions, including in the public, private, and community sectors. Representatives may act with or without racist intention.

Interpersonal racism is the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of individuals based on bias, stereotypes and prejudice. Expressions may be conscious or unconscious and range from subtle to violent. 

Internalized racism lies within individuals. We absorb the cultural racism ideas of the racial hierarchy and accept inequity as normal. People targeted by racism come to believe that the stereotypes & prejudices of racism are valid. People privileged by racism believe their own superiority.

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