(I-CAN) Inclusive Capacity Advancement For Newcomers

Visible Minority Women Programming

The Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc [TAYFFI] is a Saskatoon-based non-profit organization. They are launching phase 1 of I-CAN – Inclusive Capacity Advancement For Newcomers. I-CAN Women and Youth program is specifically designed to empower racialized women and youth through series of training and leadership activities including exposure to community leadership, social engagement, safe space conversation circle, youth volunteer work placement, among others.

The I-CAN project will not only raise collective consciousness on Canada’s multiple identities; it will assist women and youth to tap into their innate potential and connect them to the pathways towards achieving their dreams, attaining self-reliance, and becoming contributing members of the society. I- CAN will be a journey for the participants from I-CAN to I WILL and leading to I HAVE!

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