SGI Initiatives for Newcomers

In the last year, SGI has invested considerable time and effort towards a very worthwhile endeavour – that of helping Saskatchewan’s new citizens. Driving is a privilege and ensuring traffic safety for all road users is SGI’s top priority. Listed below are a few initiatives that your agency may not be aware of and that you may wish to pass along to your clients. These initiatives will assist newcomers in earning a driver’s licence and will ensure they have a good understanding of Saskatchewan’s driver licensing requirements and rules of the road.

1. Electronic Translator for Testing

Our new driver testing service makes a world of difference!

SGI has implemented an electronic translator application on all testing computers and you wouldn’t believe the difference it has already made.  English is not the first language of many of our customers, and trying to pass the exam in English has been a very frustrating experience for some. This feature allows new residents to read a translation of the test questions and answers in their own language.

2. Electronic Translator for our Basic Driver’s Handbook

On SGI’s public website our Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook is also able to electronically translated into the same 65 languages. This will help our new English Alternative Language citizens study and prepare for their exam in their native language. you can view this at

3. Practice Quiz

Additionally, on SGI’s public website we have launched a new online practice quiz. The quiz is a selection of multiple-choice questions and answers. you can check it out at

For further information, contact Shay Shpak: ss****@sg*.ca

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