Collaborative Classroom Land-based Learning


A lot of learning comes from experience and being in the moment. Hence, the teachers deliberate actions to normalize incorporation of Indigenous learnings in the school culture to help Indigenous students, staff, and families feel valued. So, working with facilitators and elders outside the school, Grades 10-12 students of Lord Asquith School embarked on an authentic land-based learning opportunity to Askiy-Kamik culture camp on Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. The days’ activities included Tipi teaching, Elder talk, and traditional land experiences.

It was a time of great learning for both the students and their teachers as they were able to physically see how a Tipi looks, how it is erected, as well as given the opportunity to hear the teachings around the Tipi from an elder. Right from the camp, teachers saw opportunities for bringing these teachings into the classroom. While students were more consistent in seeing Indigenous knowledge through a positive lens.

Trey Rousell excitedly said; “It was really fun to learn about a different culture and drink muskeg tea”.

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