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hosted by the Regina Multicultural Council – May 30 – June 1 at various venues throughout Regina. // Mosaic began in 1967 with a one-day event. Since then, Mosaic has expanded to a three-day event showcasing anywhere from 17-22 pavilions – More Details: https://www.reginamosaic.ca/

Join the Museum for lunch and interesting presentations on a variety of subjects. From local history, current events, local business and the natural world, Lunch n Learn is always savoury! This program is presented at the Museum on the third Wednesday of each month at noon. // April 17 @ 12 – 44 Robert St W, Swift Current // Lunch $10, Talk Free //

A community empowerment webinar – Hosted by the Trinbago Association of Saskatchewan // Saturday, April 6 at 10:30 – 11:30 // In this presentation, participants will explore the profound impact of social-political factors such as racism and systemic inequities on the mental health of Black adolescents. Through discussions and activities, we will examine the significance of targeted interventions rooted in research to address challenges like marginalization and psychological distress.

// Registration: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=bwV6B-kcHku3XdUt2p_mxpGSk8_cn85JqfV3VCtGRJxUMTBUSlFNNUlFNkROQ0hNSUFPMldaMFdCRyQlQCN0PWcu&fbclid=IwAR0RZaxPAmsTbPUuAoACXh-rZiHnE3r3mH0GLlw5t0L76WCbmRjqynUcVDk_aem_AXRmzym6alJGGy8i9zQCx3zupzb7L3KqFCPH0aLFpuWXbKmGv1AtWBMP8n8x12uqnDY6R5pnEh2KwRvFRcvukDfB

Three new categories added for 2024



Any frame by frame or computer-assisted animated film or video that relies primarily on creative animation techniques to tell a story.


Any single production or series in any genre that is clearly intended for the entertainment and/or education of children or youth.


A program in any genre with local community interest produced for broadcast on community television or local service provider.  Can be produced by a cable television company, local service provider, or production company.


Honouring excellence in video advertising for products, services, or organizations. Spots can be up to 60s in duration.


Honouring excellence in video advertising for products, services or organizations. Spots can be up to 60s in duration and must be from a Saskatchewan creator or agency.


Any single production or episode of a series in any genre with a primary focus on color grading as a significant aspect of the production process. A before and after reel is required.

Visual Impact – the color grade should demonstrate a substantial improvement in the visual quality and storytelling of the content. Submissions should showcase a high level of technical expertise in color grading, including but not limited to adjustments in color balance, contrast, saturation, and color grading techniques.The color grading work should exhibit original and creative approaches to enhancing the visual aesthetics and narrative of the production.



We welcome submissions that experiment with form and use innovative techniques in the service of a filmmaker’s creative expression. This category typically expands or challenges filmmaking conventions.


Programs which use music and/or performance to entertain or showcase artistic achievement. Such as, but not limited to, music videos, dance and movement pieces, and live performance recordings.


A program in any genre that follows a thematic or narrative through-line over the course of at least 3-episodes.


Fiction productions in any genre, on any subject, which are 25 minutes or less in length.


Non-fiction productions in any genre, on any subject, which are 25 minutes or less in length.


A production in any genre that is produced and/or directed by a full-time student enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Entrants must not have been previously employed as a producer or director in the film or television industry.


Documentaries relating to the world of art and culture, including a single program from a broadcaster strand or anthology series.


Documentaries with predominantly historical themes or those which document the life of a person or persons, including a single program from a broadcaster strand or anthology series.


Documentaries which present a personal, first-person or filmmaker point of view or narrative, including a single program from a broadcaster strand or anthology series.


Documentaries that explore topics and/or issues in the nature/environmental, science, medicine, or technology fields, including a single program from a broadcaster strand or anthology series.


Documentaries about politics, social issues, and current events, including a single program from a broadcaster strand or anthology series


Non-fiction series exploring subject(s), places, points of view, or events based on facts. The series must have a minimum of three (3) episodes.


Productions entered in any of the above main categories, and which meet the specific eligibility criteria, are invited to compete for the following awards:


Programs either fiction or non-fiction that explore issues relating to indigenous peoples, tell indigenous stories or present an indigenous perspective. At least one of the key creative positions (producer, writer, or director) must be a person of indigenous descent. Please note: you may only be considered for either the Indigenous Award or the Multicultural Award but not both.


Programs in any genre that promote the understanding of, and/or depict the realities of those living with mental health issues.

THE RUTH SHAW AWARD (Best of Saskatchewan)

A $750.00 cash award honouring the Best of Saskatchewan. Open to all Saskatchewan based productions in all genres.  To be eligible the entry must be produced or co-produced by a Saskatchewan based production company listed and credited accordingly.  Service productions shot in Saskatchewan without significant involvement by Saskatchewan based personnel in key creative positions do not qualify for this award.


Awarded to a new filmmaker (specifically a director) who demonstrates outstanding potential, skill, and creativity in his/her directorial debut.  To be eligible, the submission must be the entrant’s first professional production (in any genre) employed as a director.  At the time of submission, he/she should have no more than two years working in the film or television industry.  The production must have been completed in its entirety outside of a post-secondary institution and received no financial support (bursary, grant etc.) from any post-secondary institution.


Programs in any genre that reflect Canada’s racial diversity and multicultural landscape.

Please note: you may only be considered for either the Indigenous Award or the Multicultural Award but not both.



Presented to the director(s) who demonstrates the most skill and creativity in a dramatic production.


Presented to the director(s) who demonstrates the most skill and creativity in a documentary or other factual production.


This award recognizes the contribution and role of the researcher in documentary production. It can be awarded for content/story research and/or archival stock shot research.


All productions entered in any of the main categories will automatically be considered for the following special awards (where applicable). 


The Golden Sheaf Award of Excellence will be presented to the most outstanding production of the Festival.


A $1,000 cash award and plaque will be presented to a filmmaker whose production exemplifies diverse, cross-cultural storytelling in novel and unique ways.

We would like to meet with you and discuss what it is like to be a Board member. Let’s talk about the time commitments, roles, etc.

We can’t wait to see you and talk about how rewarding it is to be MCoS Board.

Join us and view a free photovoice exhibit showcasing Black joy and wellness.

This project aims to honor and celebrate the diverse experiences of individuals of various Black ethnicities. This exhibit is also a positive way to share awareness about inclusion in Saskatchewan.

Join the conversation

The 2024 APM will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, starting at 4:00 p.m. (EST).

There are two ways to participate, either in person at the Canada Council’s main offices in Ottawa or online via the livestream

Following the APM, participants attending the APM in person are invited to a reception in the Âjagemô Exhibition Space located at 150 Elgin Street in Ottawa, starting at 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Engage in the conversation. #CanadaCouncil24

Register for the Council’s 2024 APM

Register to attend the 2024 APM online or in person.

Send your questions

The 2024 APM will include a question-and-answer period during which we will respond to queries you have about the arts sector or the Council.

Send your questions before March 15, 2024, by emailing ap*@ca***********.ca.

We will make every effort to address as many questions as possible during the event. If we do not respond to your question, or if you have one after the event, please contact in**@ca***********.ca at any time during the year.


In-person participation

For participants attending the event in person, there will be simultaneous interpretation in French and English, American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ).

Should you require assistance or a specific accommodation, to ensure that you can fully participate in the event (including accommodation for non-permanent mobility issues), please indicate your requirements when completing the In-person Registration Form or send an e-mail to ap*@ca***********.ca.

The information provided will enable the Council to plan an event that meets the accommodation and inclusion requirements of as many participants as possible.

Online participation

The webcast will be accessible in English and French, with simultaneous sign language interpretation in ASL and LSQ, and closed captioning in English and French.

For additional information, questions, or concerns, please e-mail ap*@ca***********.ca.

Cannot watch the event live? Check back on this page after 2024 the APM for a full recording and transcripts.

Watch past APM videos on the Canada Council YouTube channel.

What is an Annual Public Meeting and why hold one?

As a Crown corporation, the Canada Council for the Arts is legally required to hold an Annual Public Meeting. More than that, it is a great opportunity to share annual updates with the arts community and the wider public in Canada.

Join us for another exciting evening of networking and learning at SCIC Global Connections in Regina! This in-person gathering will take place on Friday, March 8, at 5:00 PM at Bushwakker Brewpub (Arizona Room), 2206 Dewdney Ave, Regina.

As always, we will focus on international cooperation, sustainability, and social justice, but on this day, we will also be recognizing International Women’s Day! Our presenters for the evening will be from the Regina Open Door Society (https://rods.sk.ca/). Regina Open Door Society (RODS), a prominent non-profit organization, stands as a beacon of commitment, delivering exceptional settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina. RODS consistently dedicates itself to addressing the diverse needs of newcomers, offering an array of meticulously designed programs and services aimed at empowering them to achieve their aspirations and seamlessly participate in the broader community.

The inclusive programs, thoughtfully curated by RODS, extend support to newcomers of all diverse backgrounds, facilitating their integration into Canadian society. The overarching goal is to foster an environment of support and inclusivity, ensuring a smooth transition for both individuals and families.

Moreover, the presentation will showcase insights from two speakers, Zuhal and Basmah, who will deeply delve into the critical subject of Gender equality. Drawing from their rich experiences in their respective home countries, they will illuminate the challenges faced and the progress made in promoting gender equality. Additionally, they will share personal anecdotes detailing their journeys to Canada, articulating an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in service to the newcomers’ community.

Take advantage of this fantastic chance to expand your network and make new friends and contacts. Join us at the SCIC Global Connections Networking Social at the Bushwakker Brewpub in Regina! (https://bushwakker.com/)