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Beau Dixon is an award-winning actor, musician, playwright, music director and sound designer based in Ontario, Canada. He is also the co-founder and artistic director for Firebrand Theatre, a Canadian educational theatre company, and an artistic associate for 4th Line Theatre in Millbrook, Ontario. Recently, Beau became the music director for Sheridan College, Lakefield College School and Stratford Festival.

Currently, Beau is working on a variety of projects, including acting in film and TV roles, producing and writing plays, and composing and performing music for digital distribution, public live stream events and corporate functions. Beau also offers online drama coaching and music lessons.

A talk in the Fine Arts Research Lecture Series (FARLS) in Music by Hussein Janmohamed

Music scholarship can sometimes present a single story about the role of music and sound in diverse Muslim cultures. This portrayal limits how music educators and students understand Muslim cultures which, in turn, affects how Muslim youth might access music and sound as pathways for belonging. In this presentation, Dr. Janmohamed will discuss the essential role vocal practices play in Muslim cultures and propose an “enlightened encounters” framework to expand the single narrative. He will problematize choral singing, a predominant form of music education in Canada, while also exploring the possibilities of choral singing to scaffold identity formation. Dr. Janmohamed will share findings from his autoethnographic and narrative doctoral research, looking at how choral singing can support first and second Canadian Ismaili Muslims to translate their intersectional identities. Key findings include the role of: 1) Cross-cultural choral music and creation as pathways for connection and inclusive belonging; 2) Community-centred participatory music in creating safe sonic spaces for engaging diverse knowledge systems; and, 3) Culturally integrative vocal practices in reclaiming the inextricable link between culture, religion, spirit and life.